Eden Obscura


Journey through a garden of sound and life


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Eden Obscura is an Android adaptation of the awesome game PixelJunk Eden, which was originally released for Playstation 3 and later for Windows. The android version has very similar gameplay, but with controls perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices.

The goal in Eden Obscura is to collect as many spores as possible to create beautiful, almost otherworldly gardens. Slide your finger across the screen to move your tiny character around the scene, and you can even swing on some elements.

Eden Obscura has five different scenes, each with five different challenges you can play in whatever order you want. Each scene on this Q-Games title has a unique soundtrack and aesthetic for you to explore and enjoy.

With absolutely outstanding graphics and soundtracks, plenty of levels, and fun gameplay, Eden Obscura is an excellent mobile adaptation of the great title PixelJunk Eden.

Android 4.4 or higher required